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When, in 1967, Manuel de Souza discovered a unique blue and violet stone in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania, little did he know that the gem he was holding would ultimately become one of the most precious jewels in existence.

Nestled in the Montane Forest, near the ancient city of Arusha, flanked by Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Babati, lies a mineral deposit so precious and rare that it has beguiled miners, jewellers and collectors worldwide for decades.

Tanzanite, named in 1968 by Tiffany & Co. after its country of origin, Tanzania, is distinctive in that it displays a remarkable trichroism, appearing to change colour when looked at from different angles. Depending on which way you look at it, you might see blue, violet or burgundy—making each admirer’s experience entirely personal.

To honour the people of Tanzania, our business is named Tamani, a Swahili word that describes the expression of desire. As a highly coveted precious stone worldwide, at Tamani we strive to connect the world with Tanzanite’s exclusive place of birth.

Tamani’s stones begin their journey to the surface of the earth in the hands of a group of local miners in Tanzania. This places us in a unique position to acquire the highest grade Tanzanite directly from source.

At Tamani we are passionate about Tanzanite.  It is our mission to share this passion with our customers by bringing them the finest craftsmanship, combined with authentic materials to create elegant and sophisticated pieces. To own a Tanzanite, in its trichroic magnificence, is a dream come true.

On top of our existing range, we are also proud to offer customised design pieces tailored to your maximum satisfaction.

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