Our stones are graded professionally and with precision

Our Tanzanite is mined directly from the source


Our Tanzanite is mined directly from the source, heat treated to bring out the known tanzanite colour and cut into shape, set into place by a skilled goldsmith

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How much do we actually know about caring for our jewelry, when should it be worn, how to clean it and how to store it at the end of our day.

The hardness/ durability of Gemstones are measured on the Mohs scale.

Amber is one of the softest stones, sitting at 2 on the scale; Diamond is the hardest stones at 10, Tanzanite is almost at the middles of that at 6.5, Making it soft prone to breaking, cracking or chipping if not well taken care of or dropped.

When cleaning your Tanzanite Jewelry, the best is to use warm soapy water, with no harsh chemicals, and a very soft brush.

Never opt for Ultrasonic or Steam cleaners, these are for your harder stones that can withstand it, this will just scratch and damage your Tanzanite.

The storage of your Tanzanite is just a bit different to your other pieces of Jewelry. It should be stored in a separate box, bag or pouch to avoid the stone rubbing against other pieces and getting scratched. Earrings too should be stored apart from each other for the same reasons.

Remove your Tanzanite jewelry when performing activities with your hands, such as gardening, cleaning, bathing and doing dishes.

If your stone is scratched and has lost its lustre, shine and sparkle, take it to a good reputable lapidary.  They will be able to polish your tanzanite back to its beauty without any loss of the weight of the stone.

In conclusion, Tanzanite is a beautiful precious stone and should be taken care of to prolong its beauty. Let your Jewelry be the last thing you put on when getting ready.